We are here to answer all your questions and concerns.

Why is my pump not working?

The most common occurrence of pump failure is due to the seal failing on the shaft. This allows water to get to the motor end of the pump. The seal can become compromised by running dry for a long period of time or water being out of balance and causing the rubber seal to deteriorate. There are two additional reasons for a pump fail: a failed capacitor or the pump itself wearing out over time.

Did you know that a failed capacitor is the most common part to fail any appliance with a motor?

Why is my heater/heat pump not turning on?  

This program is a 90-day program with 12 sessions. We “meet” once a week via phone, video chat, or in person if you’re local and would like to do so. In the 90 days we discuss your desired goal of our time together regarding your finances. We focus on spending habits and your money legacy you want to create. We conduct experimental exercises in which you learn how your behaviors involving money affect your life and we create action steps around your financial goals to set you up for inevitable success and help you create habit changes that will create financial stability.

*This program DOES NOT come with one-on-one personal training.

My salt chlorinator has a flashing red light. What’s wrong?

I conduct one-on-one personal sessions in person or via video chat. My training does not require a gym membership as, I have locations where local clients can train. I can work with clients that have no equipment to clients that have a full-on gym set up. I utilize resistance training as well as aerobic training to help clients reach their goals.

How do I clean my cartridge filter?

You can clean your filter with just your home hose. There are three types of materials that are being cleaned from the filter:

Solid materials like dirt, leaves, or puppy fur balls
Oils from your skin, makeup, deodorants, and sunscreen

Keep in mind that not everyone will have minerals. The mineral content is based on your local water and if your water is prefiltered prior to putting it in the pool.

How do my pool lights work?

There are two ways to do this. Looking at your electric panel, there is. A switch labeled ‘Circuit One’ should be there and this switch controls the pool lights. If you’d prefer to operate your lights via remote just simply flip the switch down into ‘Remote Mode’ and the light will be fully operational with the controls ‘On/Off’ button. If you’d like to just use the panel for operation, simply switch the toggle into the ‘On’ position.

Why Fiberglass?

Unlike other materials, our fiberglass swimming pools are non-abrasive. There are no sharp, dangerous edges, abrasive surfaces so there will be no skin off fingers and toes. We incorporate anti-skid surfaces on all stairs and the pool floor to help keep your family safe.